APRO INTERNATIONAL & LANGUAGES offers the opportunity to attend courses for the preparation of the exams to obtain a language certificate, also called linguistic diploma.


It is an internationally recognized certification that officially states the language level attained by the candidate.


Certifications for English language:

  • Key English Test - KET (livello A2);
  • Preliminary English Test - PET (livello B1);
  • First Certificate in English - FCE (livello B2);
  • Certificate in Advanced English - CAE (livello C1);
  • Certificate of Proficiency in English - CPE (livello C2).

How do I know which exam I can take?


In order to check your English level and decide which course you should attend, you can take our on-line test, clicking here .

For further information, contact us at 0173/284922 or via e-mail s.bitti@aproformazione.it.